Are you planning a trip to Fujairah, want to have the best  experience for yourself, your family, your friends, work colleagues or even your boss, but don’t know which hotel to pick and trust. After all it is maybe your first and second time trip to Fujairah and you don’t know much about the resorts. Much less the beach resorts. So before you finalize your trip plans or book the wrong hotel, visit trip Advisor. See this site for the latest information you need for your upcoming trip. Whether you want to stay near the centre of the city or book beach hotels at Fujairah, the first thing you need is information. And trip advisor offers all the information you need.

From pictures to prices, ratings to reviews, location to luxuries, all kinds of information is available here on Tripadvisor . What’s even more impressive is that the site takes your location information and converts the rates of the room from its native currency in this case AED to whatever currency is running in your country or at least wherever you are coming from. This will go a long way when you are deciding the budget for your next trip.

But there are a few do’s and don’ts of using sites like tripadvisor. Firstly always check the exact location and confirm it via using google or any map application you prefer to verify the location. Secondly always check both the pictures of the rooms offered and the reviews. And compare them with the pictures and reviews posted on other sites, especially other travel sites like Kayak and expedia. Besure to check out the videos and pictures of the hotels you select in the form of vlogs on Youtube, vimeo or pictures shared on Facebook, instagram etc. You don’t have to waste too much time checking to many sites, but just enough that you can be sure of the hotel you are going to. This way sometimes it’s highly possible that you can also find not only the reassurance but also better deals or discount coupons that can go a long way in when it comes to maintaining the budget of the trip. Lastly what you need to do is make sure that you don’t book a room before you get the right timing for your plane tickets. If the timings of your flight are in conflict with the timings of your room, you can run the risk of either losing you booking, wasting money and even arriving to the city before your booking dates allow you and your fellow travelers a room in any hotel you choose. As good as a place Fujairah is, it is no place to sleep on the streets because of the temperature alone.

As a bonus, be sure to thoroughly plan your trip, make even a back up plan by gathering information about other hotels that don’t have a booked issue. They may not come as cheap but something is better than nothing. Enjoy your trip.