The world is rapidly moving towards the concept of vertical rise, means the construction of taller buildings. There are numerous efforts to put the carbon emissions level minimum, and make efficient use of energy. Engineers are introducing new and modern techniques to make these structures more sustainable and greener for lower energy consumption. One such effort is the use of the centralized air conditioning systems. Contrary to split-air condition units, this proves out to be much more efficient and economical.

Working mechanism

The working of this system is a little bit different than the split air conditioning units. In this system, the chilled is circulated through pipes or passage ways of special design and shapes. The air is cooled by some kind of mechanical process being taken place at rooftop or some other place in building. Every space to be cooled is provided with these passage ways from where it get the cooled air. The main and important feature of this system is these passages.

Installation of the system

In a first stage, teams of qualified engineers calculate the calculation for whole building. The sizing required for air passageways being calculated for each room or space in building. These passages for air are attached to ceiling for the smooth operation. There are numerous ways to install these passages at height. In order to minimize the human effort, there are couple of machines available to lift them to specific height and install them easily. Usually these passages are made of metal sheets, and it is difficult to lift manually.

Variety of machinery available round the world

All over the world, there are various manufacturers who are making machines for lifting heavy loads. Many manufacturers are making specially designed machines for lifting heavy for HVAC industry. One can find them in every region. There are many vendors available which provides the services of these manufacturers in Middle East. Varying from size to functions available in them, all kind of machinery is available. The contractors can easily find these duct lifter suppliers in Dubai. Mostly these vendors provide their machinery on rent for a period time. They do provide the necessary training to operate them. The vendor for this machinery also deals in sales and purchase machinery. They do have teams specially trained mechanics and technician in case a fault occur during operation. The after sales and customer services also provided by them,

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