Organizing an event with the help of a event company Dubai or show art production firm takes away a lot of stress, but it is expensive as well. On the other hand, it is not easy to organize yourself at home but it won’t give that look which we want. And it is tiring as well.

However, tiring cannot be reduced but we can make it more organized and decent.

To organize a decent event at home, you will need to have following things:

  1. Room: You will need a room where the event will be celebrated. You can also celebrate the event or day in lounge too but whatever area or section you have selected, just clean it properly. 
  2. Balloons: To add colors and creativity, you need to add balloons. You can stick them on wall in design and keep them on the floor as well to fill up the room. 
  3. Cloth: If you have plain pieces of cloth of one colour, then you can hang them on wall like we see in wedding halls to make the day and room more please g and delightful. Add white and pink color cloths. 
  4. Table: Place table in the center of the room where you will place cake and plates for the person to cut and guests to have it in their plates.
  5. Chairs: Place chairs either in group of three after a distance if few inches or in circle to let all of guests to engage with each other. Chairs should be of dame design and size, otherwise it will look odd. 
  6. Drink: Buy fizzy drinks for the event to make the meal and cake satisfying. You can buy any drink according to the choice of guests and the person.
  7. Lights: You will need to add a lot of lights in the room where you ate celebrating the day to make it brighter and enhance the grace of the party.
  8. Small photobooth: If you can do so rent a small photo-booth for few hours to make the party full of fun. The booth should have funnier booths and backgrounds.
  9. Air Conditioner: The room should have air conditioner to keep the room cool or it should be airy enough to replace A/C. Airy rooms will make the celebration more joyful and enjoyable.

Carpet: There should be carpet on the floor so that no one would complain of dust and dirt which will embarrass you and y9ur family.