Do not look for best catering in Dubai or search for food catering Dubai if you want to arrange a kitty party or friends’ party at your home because it is very costly to ask a company to arrange such a small party for you. You can organize such parties by yourself too. All you need is to go at stores and buy few foods and party is ready to start.

There are many foods you can keep on table but the must-have foods are:

  1. Brownies or pastries: Brownies or pastries are loved by all adults, whether they are females or males, because sweet tooth excites everyone and excitement is the thing which everyone wants to feel or achieve. You can buy affordable brownies or pastries from any store and make the get together or kitty party enjoyable. 
  2. Spaghetti: A big bowl of spaghetti with Chines setting or different sauces is eye-glittering addition on table of party because it is the food which everyone enjoys the most. You can buy them from nearby store or prepare too to make it must-have. It is not difficult to prepare sauces or make spaghetti at home. 
  3. Chips and Slims: Two to three plates of salty and plain and spicy chips are must to have on table because all adults need them as starter with carbonated drink or fresh drink. You can even mix both of them in a single bowl to give uniqueness. 
  4. Biscuits: Biscuits are loved by everyone. You can keep a plate of plain cookies and another plate of chocolate sandwich or chocolate chip cookies. You can even add wafers too. 
  5. Rolls and Fry: You can even buy different kinds of fry from bakery to add more variety and lightness in the party because majority of people find bakery items light and must to have them.
  6. Pizzas or small sized fast food: Although it is not important to add them, you can buy teo to three large sized pepperoni pizzas for your party if you want to add something meal like in this informal meeting. It will look different and something you cannot avoid to add in your plate. 
  7. Pizza Fries: It is must to have on table because currently everyone craves for it. You can buy two to four boxes of it from any store or you can cook them by yourself because it is not that difficult. All you need is fries, lots of cheese, chicken and pizza sauce. 
  8. Mac n Cheese Pasta: Cheese is favourite food of everyone. It delights everyone to have cheese in their food. Therefore, you can keep a tray of mac n cheese pasta on table too on the day of party. 
  9. Cheese Potato: It is too easy to cook. All you need is to mash potatoes and add few pieces in it, then make a ball of it and add a piece of cheese in that ball. In the end put a coating egg and crumbs on it and fry them. It is guaranteed that everyone will like this light and cheesy item.
  10. Macrons: It is good to have macrons on table. You can have stylish dish on which they would be arranged according to their colours and size.